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Extraterrestrials Living Among Us

Who Are The E.T.s That Live On Earth: Richard Van Steenberg has spent 35 years of researching what he says are Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us ( or HETLAU) and currently has an online petition to help toward the disclosure movement. His online grou

publish August 24, 2019 45
UFO Sighting Cincinnati OH 8/3/2019 Alien Aliens Unexplained Four Lights Sky

First of all… Sorry for filming this vertically. I hate when people do that. And now I am guilty of it. This is what I saw on August 3, 2019 in the sky in Cincinnati, OH. Was it drones? Aircraft? Skydivers? Or something else? I have no clue. But I record

publish August 22, 2019 40
UFO NAD MŁAWĄ (woj. Mazowieckie) – 10 sierpnia 2019

Poniżej opis, który przysłał nam autor nagrania: From: [dane do wiad. FN] Sent: Monday, August 19, 2019 12:43 PM To: Subject: RE: Biały obiekt nad Mławą Oczywiście udostępniam Wam prawa do filmu. oto miejsce skąd wykonałem n

publish August 22, 2019 41
ANOTHER UFO SPOTTED IN CALABASAS 8/1/2019 caught on iPhone

I was filming a rare bird in my backyard and was caught a strange silver object moving rapidly in the sky above Calabasas near Malibu. UFO ManimalVinyl

publish August 22, 2019 43
Ghost Hunting at a Haunted Road in the Middle of Nowhere

Me and Dave go Ghost Hunting at a seriously haunted road in the middle of the woods Real paranormal videos weekly, I explore some of the scariest, most haunted locations and document my adventures onto video. Catch my regular live streams every week from creep

publish August 21, 2019 28
HAUNTED HOUSE- An Original Paranormal Documentary (2019)

Here is our newest documentary, “HAUNTED HOUSE”. This real, raw paranormal documentary follows three investigators as they spend the night in a small town haunted attraction. What begins as a simple ghost hunt quickly turns into an adrenaline-fille

publish August 21, 2019 32

Join me as we investigate real paranormal activity in the haunted Demon House. I will be alone in this haunted house documenting demonic activity that has forced out many families. On our last investigation, I captured numerous EVPS, demon voices, witnessed sh

publish August 21, 2019 29
5 Scary Ghosts Caught on Video

Hello everyone, it’s time for some more strange ghost videos! ► Follow me! TWITTER → INSTAGRAM → PATREON → MERCH →

publish August 21, 2019 50
5 Dogs That Saw Something Their Owners Couldn't See : Ghosts, ESP, & Paranormal

We count down the Top 5 times dogs saw something strange that their owners couldn’t see. Can dogs see ghosts? Do they have ESP or an enhanced psychic ability to see ghosts and the paranormal? 5 amazing and unexplained scary videos of dogs who seem to sen

publish August 21, 2019 43
Double dread: UFOs and nuclear war

By Dawn Stover, June 4, 2019 This is reportedly a US government video taken by the forward-looking infrared system of a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet that encountered an unidentified aircraft off the East Coast in 2015. The fighter jet’s pilots were excited by wh

publish August 21, 2019 414
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Disco Boy After Dark – Hosted by Mark & Stevie Louise (Abritishmuffin), Ghost Hunting

The line is announced! Hosted by myself and Stevie Louisee Medium – Jacquie Gilmartin Additional Information Any info regarding the events time and location will not be made to the public.

publish August 17, 2019 48
Another Paranormal Phenomenon

SkwirralMedia Germany84 Videos212 Followers11 Likes Independent Filmmaker Master of Arts Contact:

publish August 14, 2019 48

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Watch team member Russ investigate this haunted priory. Nestled in a Green belt area of Wolverhampton in the UK. This priory is very active with spirit.

publish August 14, 2019 295
Hell Fire Caves UK

A quick in and out look at the Hell Fire Caves in the uk….

publish August 14, 2019 39

HAUNTED PRIORY – Watch Johnn’o come to grips with a energy within these ancient ruins. Spooky location and filmed on a full moon.

publish August 14, 2019 284
BEST EVPs EVER Vol. 1 Early Years

This video contains some of my Best EVPs from 1977 – 2006. Including my early evps captured back in 77-79 as a child and at some of my favorite haunts growing up in Chicago later on. I also have some from my investigations during the show Dead Famous. St

publish August 14, 2019 38
Tesla knew Gravity was just a bogus theory and that Einstein was a shill

Tesla knew that Gravity was nonsense,that is why you never learned about him in school. Instead we were taught the theories (assumptions) of Capernicus, Newton and Eistein to embed in your brain that welive on a ‘ball’! Tesla had it right, electrom

publish August 14, 2019 44
CNET News – Ghost Hunting Tech: The Spirit Box

Just in time for Halloween, professional ghost hunter Gloria Young shows off a so-called “spirit box,” a modified AM/FM radio that quickly scans for radio frequencies. Young suggests asking questions and listening carefully for answers amid the sta

publish August 14, 2019 497
Mt. View Stark Cemetery Ghosthunting ~ Night.

Published on Aug 26, 2019SUBSCRIBE 2.2KHicxs returns to the Mt. View Stark Cemetery after dark to follow up on his previous investigation. He now has a new camera after his 1st one died in this cemetery. Watch the day time investigation here: https://yout

publish August 14, 2019 89
Tesla Radio – 1st run Test – Successful, Immediate SPIRIT CONTACT MADE!

Published on Mar 3, 2017SUBSCRIBED 3.8KThis is the first initial Tesla Radio test I have done with this modernized unit I received and now carry on my online store I ran tests many years ago with a similar Tesla device, and som

publish August 14, 2019 71
4 Scariest Paranormal Moments In Ghost Adventures History

Dark Matter  Published on Dec 14, 2018SUBSCRIBE 295KFrom Goatman’s Bridge, to the Reseda House of Evil, join us… ——————————————————

publish August 14, 2019 492
Paranormal Concept Show – Symbology

Published on Aug 20, 2019 Source:… Parasearch Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best in the paranormal field. Covering all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, spiritual, cryptozoology, ufology, conspiracy, fo

publish August 14, 2019 48
PSH Radio – Sandman

Published on Aug 22, 2019SUBSCRIBE 146Source:…

publish August 14, 2019 46
Spirit Talk May 2019 – The Gateway – Out of Body, Consciousness, Hemi-Sync, Army Intelliegence

Published on Aug 26, 2019SUBSCRIBED 3.8KWhat is the Gateway and how does Human Consciousness connect to it? Chris Fleming shares some of his experiences with the Gateway and how he realized some of his past encounters over 20 years ago where in fact, resu

publish August 14, 2019 96
Amberley Museum

Good morningHere is a prerecorded vigil for the electricity hall at Amberley Museum last night hopefully you can hear the amazing evps we captured & the other activitiePhil @gpsparanormal

publish August 14, 2019 52

Follow the team during a vigil in the infamous room 19 of The Talbot Hotel. This video shows a medium and investigators calling out to the negative energy present in the location. Lookout for light anomalies and unexplained noises.

publish August 14, 2019 73
THE VISITORS: The Black Circle

Published on Jun 24, 2019SUBSCRIBED 3.8KThe following is a recording from my iPhone, two videos I took to document my occurrence at a hotel I was staying out while filming Help, My House is Haunted. This hotel is not a location we investigated, but a plac

publish August 14, 2019 1119
Ghosts Dont Die – Demo Cutt (Song) with Lyrics

Published on Jun 18, 2019SUBSCRIBED 3.8KGhosts Dont Die Demo Cutt ** Song Lyrics written and sung by Chris Fleming. Music written and performed by Johnny Ricco (From Warrior Soul) and Robert Deaner Produced by Robert Deaner at Market Street Sound Studios.

publish August 14, 2019 518

Jolene Jackson-Lockwood founder & Leade Investigator of Phantasmic Paranormal held a public event on Saturday July 9th 2016 at Ruthin Gaol. The night proved to be a hive of activity and was filled with some mindblowing reponses to our questions on our Rad

publish August 14, 2019 47
Interesting Footage From The Talbot Hotel Investigation, Ghost Hunting

During one of our events we capture a door opening on its own accord in the ballroom area of the hotel. We also captures a EVP and intelligent knocking in the cellar area,

publish August 14, 2019 502