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Paranormal Pop News 2 | Music At Storm Area 51 | Cattle Mutilation | Angel In The Sky…

Amateur Rocketeer and Flat Earther… LIVE BANDS & SURVIVAL AT STORM AREA 51… Cattle Mutilation… Angel In Clouds Anomaly https

publish August 24, 2019 50
Paranormal Pop News 1 | UFOs Need Evidence | Haunted Fun | Creepy Portraits

No ET Life Yet?… Haunted Mansion Game:… AI… Conjuring House Renovation…

publish August 24, 2019 35
Jennifer Stein director of TRAVIS on #UFO Debunkers

Jennifer Stein shares her well expressed insights into the underhanded actions of professional debunker Philip Klass during the Travis Walton abduction case. Decisively differentiating between skeptics and debunkers. Please Che

publish August 24, 2019 48
Stanton T. Friedman In Memory of: A Brief Look Through Time

This Stanton T. Friedman tribute was put together for our May 21st show round-table discussion about the person, the life and accomplishments of Stanton T. Friedman. That full episode which includes Kathleen Marden, Peter Robbins, Mike Rogers and Jennifer Stei

publish August 24, 2019 42
What was the Aurora Texas #UFO crash of 1897 | w/ Ken Cherry, former MUFON Texas State Director

Ken Cherry, author of Marc Slade Investigates: The Stephenville UFO recaps what he and others had discovered during their investigation into the alleged event; including ground radar penetration on UFO Hunters. You can watch that episode here: https://www.yout

publish August 24, 2019 50
The X-Files Season 12 without Dana Scully?

Link to article below. What do you think? Would you rather have a season of The X-Files with only Fox Mulder, or no X-Files at all? DailyMail Link:… Please Check Out My Other Pages!

publish August 24, 2019 44

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