BEST EVPs EVER Vol. 1 Early Years


This video contains some of my Best EVPs from 1977 – 2006. Including my early evps captured back in 77-79 as a child and at some of my favorite haunts growing up in Chicago later on. I also have some from my investigations during the show Dead Famous. St Eusab Cemetery, My Home from 1970-1990, Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Alcatraz, Hooters on wells in Chicago, Excalibur NightClub, Queen Mary. I have also included some of the EVPs recorded during my investigations across Americas most haunted places when filming the TV show I did, “Dead Famous” Most of them were never used in the TV show. Frustrating as that was, I have been sitting on them for years. While I do present some of them in my lectures, I feel its best I put them out there to get an idea on the years of research I have done and types of responses received. I used Sony tape recorders, tape cassettes and mini cassettes up until about 2005 when I finally went digital. Looking back tapes did seem to get some really clear EVPs. There are so many EVPS in my database that I can’t compile all of them, but will create volumes over time. I have many from 2004-2006 saved on CD, but sadly lost most of my evps from the 90s to 2006 when my WD two 500 GB drives crashed back in 2011. I still have a couple old tapes left (that survived the basement flood and a cold duck mishap that destroyed the tape ribbons) but wish I had all of them, and the Ouija board sessions we recorded back in the late 70s. . Since then I converted to a drobo system to safely store all my recent audio and video. I guess we learn the hard way. I still have hundreds of hours of audio from 2007- present I have not gone through from every location I have visited. I don’t plan on getting to all of them, no way. But I do hope to analyze some that I remember had great responses. Thank you for listening and let me know what you think. -Chris Fleming NOTE: In the past I have used Adobe Audition 1.5 to amplify some of the evps and denoiser to eliminate some of the background or white noise. As programs updated I moved to Adobe Soundbooth. I currently use Adobe Soundbooth CS4 and Adobe Audition CS6 to clean up and amplify my EVPs. Not all of them need it, but as any expert in ITC research knows, some of the frequencies come in low and below our hearing even on recorded audio. There are many hidden and barely decipherable messages under the surface. With time, patience, and a damn good ear – you can train yourself to identify them, bring them forward, amplify them to make out what is being said while the majority of researchers will miss these messages during their analysis. The ear and brain can be trained to hear them. It is like tuning into a certain frequency. Once you dial in, recognize it you can tune in again and again hearing what others cannot hear. This is not pareidolia as the responses can be verified and proven to be there as actual sound and voice frequencies. More on this in the future. Website: Equipment: Original Music By Johnny Ricco: Website: Equipment: Original Music By Johnny Ricco:

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