Ghosts Dont Die – Demo Cutt (Song) with Lyrics


Published on Jun 18, 2019SUBSCRIBED 3.8KGhosts Dont Die Demo Cutt ** Song Lyrics written and sung by Chris Fleming. Music written and performed by Johnny Ricco (From Warrior Soul) and Robert Deaner Produced by Robert Deaner at Market Street Sound Studios. FOR FULL STEREO EFFECT LISTEN WITH QUALITY HEADPHONES AND VOLUME TURNED UP. **This is a demo cutt of a song we created a few years ago. I had always wanted to write and record a song. Inspired by my journey in the paranormal. We went into the studio and laid down this track to see what we could come up with. Wrote this song in about an hour with guidance by my buddy Johnny Ricco. Johnny and his producer Robert Deaner put together all the amazing music. We spent a day in the studio cutting this demo track. I am hoping to back get in studio one day to complete it and polish it up as well as cut a few more songs for a mini – LP. We have some material we have been working on. I also, would like to collaborate with some other singers in making it happen, as I have some other songs I am writing that would be perfect for some female vocals and a choir. This particular song still needs a solo, third verse and some polishing on the vocals. Thats why it is just a DEMO at this stage. We recorded it to see what we can do as a collaboration. I am extremely happy with it and look forward to completing it in the future, getting the money together (for production time) and sitting in the studio for a few days to cut our first mini LP. It’s a creative process on my bucket list of things I want to accomplish in this life. Making music! Some of the other music Johnny has created, since then, on his guitar with his soundboard is killer!!!! Needs to be heard!!

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