Strange movement and light anomaly


Ok, so been having strange things going on again while I sleep, strange dreams , waking up with that strange electrical sensation all over me, like what I had a month ago each time I went through the front room.

any way I have decided to setup a camera while I sleep, I did this last night and will do this each night for a few weeks, tonight I will put out a K2 with cricket sound were it can be seen by the camera.

The short section of video here is from last night, and trust me its the only interesting section, after spending this afternoon going through 3 hours of it. 🙂

This is possibly only a muscle movement but there is a light anomaly that appears after.

I am sure this is not dust as I have watched 3 hours of this with me waking up and moving and there has been no other light anomaly`s or dust or whatever you would like to call it.

***So I am not saying its paranormal but it is interesting see what you think****.

Note: this video is from 4 years ago.

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