Tesla Radio – 1st run Test – Successful, Immediate SPIRIT CONTACT MADE!


Published on Mar 3, 2017SUBSCRIBED 3.8KThis is the first initial Tesla Radio test I have done with this modernized unit I received and now carry on my online store https://www.ghostoutlet.com I ran tests many years ago with a similar Tesla device, and some variations over the years. Due to a extremely conscious OBE experience last year and a recent discovery that has connected my lifetime of research – I found something that I had to pursue. I introduced communicating with spirits through the EMF field with ELF frequencies. Morse code using the Direct response method back in 2005-2007. With the K-II meter and temperature gauges. Getting direct responses. I then went back to my research in EVP and found better ways to get EVPs on recorders. In meeting up with Gary Galka from DAS/Pro measure. The maker of the Mel Meter. We discussed joining together to take the recent ghost boxes and frank box into something that could be hand held and have features necessary for ITC research. The Spirit Box SB7 was born. Over the years I have watched and wondered where do we go from here. I have seen many different types of radio boxes be made and then the venture into online and computer apps. Some with great results , yet something is always missing and there seems to be to many false positives coming through. Three to four years ago during an Sb7 and Sb11 session I addressed the spirit world with a number of questions. I spoke to two highly respected individuals and had one of my good friends bare witness. I also recorded it. What I was told seemed so simple. I at first didn’t understand it. Until I had an out of body experience last year that showed me something I didn’t know existed. Something at first I had no idea what it was until recent developments in physics revealed to me what it was. I was shocked. If you listen a couple of the responses on this recording appear to be the same voice. Meaning we can have direct contact one on one. back and forth communication. No sweeping radio or app with preloaded stations or words needed. I am now pursuing these things with hopes I can put it all together in a device (and formula) that will finally open up the bridge of spirit communication back and forth and not just bits of words and simple statements here and there that tend to be open to speculation, scrutiny, and pareidolia. I figured it out. There is an important formula. I have identified, in my mind from my experiences, what’s been missing with the Ghost Boxes, spirit boxes, and recent slew of ITC Apps. There are a couple things that need to be in place. Understanding point A to point B is crucial. From us to them and them to us. But now like anything else, I have to prove it, validate it and perfect it. Many many years ago this was perfected. Completed. It’s currently in certain hands and out of public reach. Probably locked up in some top secret program. However, us investigators are close. We have been for years. It’s just not perfect yet. We will get there. NOTE: This upload was just from an out of the box test. I plan to use different set ups and video-tape my next sessions. I just was so damn curious I wanted to see if this thing would work.Thank god I recorded the audio. Well, of course, I know better. Spirits are way ahead of us. It had been years since I first experimented with a Tesla Coil. I have a different mindset right now, with some new developments, theories and a recent experience last year (OBE) showed me something so incredible that it didn’t hit me until recently – what it all meant. It’s amazing how each piece of a puzzle over many years, begins to fit. I know how spirits communicate now and guess what, I know how they receive our messages as well. Website: http://www.christopherfleming.com/web/ Order Tesla Radio here: https://www.ghostoutlet.com Correction in one of my statements on the clip: The initial test 1 was only 13 seconds, Test 2 right after was 34 seconds long. Together they are almost a minute long. I chose to do a quick test and not bog myself down with tons of audio to go through. Also note, I understand this is not the clearest spirit communication or EVPs. Of course. That was not my objective. I have a theory based on solid data and I am pursing that. Sometimes we come far but we need to go backwards because we missed something that can take us even further. If you want to hear clearer better responses I have gotten going back to my childhood in the late 1970s. Please check out my EVP playlist I have on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… Thank you for taking the time and please subscribe. – Chris

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