THE VISITORS: The Black Circle


Published on Jun 24, 2019SUBSCRIBED 3.8KThe following is a recording from my iPhone, two videos I took to document my occurrence at a hotel I was staying out while filming Help, My House is Haunted. This hotel is not a location we investigated, but a place we stayed for a couple days. This night in particular was early morning around 3:20am on May 29, 2019. I believe this had to do with the location we were investigating and some spirits not to happy about it. My sleep was disrupted at first I woke up feeling a dark presence and saw a large black circle (portal) on the middle of the room. It quickly vanished, realizing I had a visitor I picked up my cell and began filming. I was awoken again later. I only slept maybe 2-3 hours this night. There was also a human spirit present, warning me and also making comments. I assume there were about 2 human spirits and some dark entities communicating amongst themselves. Over many years during my travels I have grown accustomed to spirits making their presence known when I stay at a hotel. Some times they are the spirits that reside there, while other times spirits follow me back from the location that is being investigated and try to get me in my sleep. I call them Visitors. They can be good or evil. No matter, they are just visiting my room. Some with an intent, others out of curiosity. I do my best to document incase anything happens. Many times I capture EVPs during these video recordings, as you will hear here. IMP is a negative entity, a demonic lower level entity that causes oppression, distractions and will do what they can to disrupt your life. Ether while you are sleeping or in your home. They tend to infest a place which is considered haunted. They can pretend to be ghosts and trick people. Their goal is to disrupt a home and cause chaos to a persons life or relations with others.

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