UKs most haunted cellar. What did we find?


Join us for a tour of some of the haunted areas within Woodchester Mansion. Look out for light anomalies and noises. Great location for all you investigators.

Welcome to The Wednesbury Paranormal channel. We are based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands an area with a rich history of Paranormal energies. We will periodically put our videos online for viewing.
We aim to share our experiences with you, and hope to work with anybody interested in our field.
Especially with like minded teams and people who want to join our investigations or perhaps want us to join up with their investigations.
I assure you we are one of the nicest teams out there to work with. Even you lovely skeptics are welcome to join in the fun.
It’s all about respect and Paraunity. I hope you see from our videos we are constantly debunking any anomalies that occur.
Please contact us on Twitter @WednesburyPara1 Until then. Russ. Johnno and JBR

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